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Referal system -wordpress plugin or stand alone web b [..]

Posted by on 22/07/2014

looking to have a customer referral system setup for small business to allow their customers to send offers to their friends and family from with a mobile friendly web page. [..]

Scify theme

Posted by on 08/07/2014

Hello all i'm a huge science fiction buff and what i'm looking to do is to build a site about myself that depicts science fiction. what i'm planning to do is to intergrade vid [..]

Dnn groups module

Posted by on 28/06/2014

Create a groups module for users to join and communicate with other members ************ module must be built to support dnn 7 using petapoco ********* ? dnn administrat [..]

Web based sports association management system

Posted by on 27/06/2014

A norwegian sports association uses several different systems to manage three national sports. the sports association wants to replace these with one collected system that man [..]

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New website needed

Posted by on 23/06/2014

Project summary privacy 4 humanity is a non-profit organization that exists to inform americans and all citizens of the world of the issues surrounding privacy in the world [..]

Website design, development (creation of supporting w [..]

Posted by on 22/05/2014

We would like to create an interactive website with around 30 pages (access to cms), including a functionality that allows users to manage information with a backing web-based [..]

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