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Website changes/updates

Posted by on 23/10/2014

I would like to have the following updates on my site: i would like to have the following updates on my site: i have all the files for me [..]

Python script for raspberry pi to send & receive sms [..]

Posted by on 16/10/2014

I have made a small python script that can send an sms to my phone when a reed switch (door sensor) is opened. i would like to extend functionality to be able to enable/disabl [..]

!!!! online payroll processing software needed !!!!

Posted by on 14/10/2014

I am looking for a new piece of software to be created for my company ( who carries out payroll for contractors in the uk. what i am looking for: 1) a new p [..]

Website required

Posted by on 13/10/2014

Hi, i'm looking to get a website designed that will be 5-10 pages and similar to these two websites; http://www.onlin [..]

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Electronic recruitment

Posted by on 01/10/2014

I am looking to get built an electronic recruitment website that is used by both employers and candidates. key features, a) secure sign-in, username/password, registration [..]

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