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Teach me how to convert a windows desktop app [..]

Posted by on 21/11/2014

I have several apps that i must convert to a web app (windows vb aspx). i need to learn how to do this. i would like to be able to ask you questions. perhaps, you ca [..]

Bing maps ajax v6.3 to ajax v7.0 javascript port proj [..]

Posted by on 18/11/2014

Hello, i need to port about 2000 lines of existing javascript code which utilizes the bing maps ajax 6.3 control, to support the new and improved bing maps 7.0 ajax control [..]

E-commerce monthly razor subscription - barber shop q [..]

Posted by on 18/11/2014

Please see the proposal document attached. looking for full web design and branding. the name on the document states the name of the business as 'shave pennys'. this has no [..]

Creat a script to work with the jasper server api

Posted by on 16/11/2014

I need a solution to call the api of jasper server and request a report with a custom dataset connection. thanks jasox

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An app to add data from markers lying in google maps [..]

Posted by on 31/10/2014

A few cities in united states have started to post their historical traffic count data online using google maps. for example, [..]

Electronic recruitment

Posted by on 01/10/2014

I am looking to get built an electronic recruitment website that is used by both employers and candidates. key features, a) secure sign-in, username/password, registration [..]

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