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C# mobile facebook/google/linkedin/oauth/local autent [..]

Posted by on 30/03/2015

I need a sample project that must contain: - a c# windows phone 8.1 application that authenticate user to facebook/google/linkedin/oauth/local - a web site, based on standar [..]

Nike add to cart application

Posted by on 30/03/2015

Attention programmers; we are a premier shopping service that for many years have worked the brick and mortar stores to be able to acquire new / first in stock and limited edi [..]

Need an ecommerce extension or plug-in that enables m [..]

Posted by on 24/03/2015

I am trying to create an extension or plug in that will allow users to download or install extension or plug in and be able to buy products from people through their website. [..]

Nike add to cart super bot

Posted by on 07/03/2015

I want a shoe add to cart software that works with -works with countdown releases and non countdown releases (early links) -can cart multiple shoes of the same [..]

New ios/android app needed

Posted by on 07/03/2015

Need a simple app, that reads numbers from a lottery paper (using the camera or input from the user) and validate the game at the lottery web site. there are 8 different types [..]

Can i get same website?

Posted by on 05/03/2015

Can i get same website? if yes please tell me the cost for this website

Imsi catcher

Posted by on 02/03/2015

Hi.looking for someone to build a imsi catcher. it varies in options and builds but to get the general idea here is a link for more info. [..]

C# video conversion/merge tool

Posted by on 25/02/2015

This project is for the source code to convert and merge video from different formats and platforms. it must include all formats supported by android and ios. it will be devel [..]

E-market portal

Posted by on 23/02/2015

Need to develop a portal to receive customers orders for different products. more details inbox. software will have to manage delivery time, price and quantity depending of lo [..]

Adult web cam website needed

Posted by on 11/02/2015

Not sure where to start but i'd like to get some information how much it would cost and how to get a web cam business started. i have a network of pornstars and exotic dancers [..]

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