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Shift schedule generator

Posted by on 26/02/2017

The project is to is to produce an excel sheet that generates a shift plane for (n) number of employees. there are 2 groups of employees in the roster group a and b. the shif [..]

Demand planning tool

Posted by on 20/02/2017

Features of the tool: the input to the planning tool will be sales history of past few years along with the master data like item master, region master, region hierarchy, p [..]

Migrate ms access 2003 application with jet db to web [..]

Posted by on 11/02/2017

A small clinic uses an old 2003 ms access application, using jet microsoft db engine. 3 modules exists and need to be upgraded to an web-based interface: invoice, admission an [..]

Microcontroller cnc

Posted by on 10/02/2017

We are exploring the possibility of developing a cnc control based on a simple interface much like grbl. we need it to do a few specific things, namely read g code forwards an [..]

Asure app

Posted by on 03/02/2017

Need to get a c# port of u2f-ref code working in azure apps deployment. hence require detailed knowledge of assure apps environmental and difference to normal iis deploymen [..]

Csgo cheat

Posted by on 31/01/2017

Csgo game cheat, from scratch/ features low fov humanized aimbot signature scanning must be proven: vac undetected faceit undetected esea ac undetected esl wir [..]

Ios/android mobile app development

Posted by on 30/01/2017

Looking for developing a mobile app using xamarin forms. the application scope and features would include: 1)gps tracking. 2)user registration using fb. 3)score board [..]

Request for a web spreadsheet or hierarchical grid co [..]

Posted by on 28/01/2017

Hi: please review requirements here: basically, crud hierarchical (tree) grid with separately editable, multiple values in a sing [..]

Wak on lan program reads and writes to csv and query [..]

Posted by on 21/01/2017

I need a program that when run imports computer names from active directory with a hierarchy of what ou in active directory those computers are in which will change the cent [..]

Cyber security software needed

Posted by on 31/12/2016

Cyber security software needed to better secure some social media accounts.

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