Upgrade existing old flat db program to a new program using a wamp stack.

Project budget: $ 3,000.00

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Migrate old db to new mysql container write php back end for my css menus to be served on appache server

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zunash Premium member | Portfolio (4 items)


15 days


Kindly check private messages for details!



10 days


degree in stats and maths/master in financial math/owner of a website where I hosted several websites such as : tstratulat.com/Tommy4x/tommy4x_en.php and tstratulat.com/d3.html.

islandTech | Portfolio (2 items)


14 days


Hello Client I am a developer with over five years of experience working with SQL databases and the LAMP and WAMP stacks. I am also skilled with Javascript and CSS development and can deliver a quality solution to you.



10 days


Hello buddy. I may not talk much about my experience since am limited in number of words. I can only promise you that with my 3 years of experience in developing interactive and responsive websites, i can deliver amazing work. Am just new to this site but i have been working on other freelancing website and my clients satisfaction rate have always been 96.50% to 100%. My words are always few since i believe in actions. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Viitorcloud_pvt_ltd | Portfolio (15 items)


30 days


Hello, Hope this finds you well, I recently came across to your project, I am confident enough that we can satisfy your technological requirements, our team of experts will provide optimum solutions and reach your expectations without fail. We can assure while working with us, you are working with a partner who delivers on- time, on- budget. Looking forward to hearing back from you, Thank you.



30 days


Hi, This is Rashid, We are a team and develop desktop, web, and database oriented apps. We can upgrade your database up to 4th normal form. Thanks.



10 days


Hello, we can try to solve your problem. Our developer Anton Dmitrievsky is expert in PHP and Backend. You may visit our website where we present some our finished solutions: maxilect.com/en/ Anton's portfolio you may see here: https://upwork.com/fl/antondmitrievsky. He is one of our best developers. You may contact me on Skype or email. Best regards, Igor Osavoluk Skype: osavoluk450 Email: iosavolyuk@maxilect.com

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