Small web based document management system for Human resource

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Project description

For each employee, we have several documents (passport, contract, drivers license, health documents etc.). These documents should be handled through a web site.
We want to upload these documents (web based, mysql, ftp) and later search comfortable for specific documents (with preview).

Example for uploading documents:
We want to upload a scan of the passport of David Miller. The user logs in to the web site selects the name âDavid Millerâ, selects the document type âPassportâ, enters expiration date, selects the file and upload it.

Example for searching documents:
The user logs into the system. He wants to see and print the passport of David Miller. He enters the name, document type passport and he gets previewed the scan of David Millers passport. Expiration date will be shown. He can download the file if required.

Other options:
searching for the one document type (like passport) of several employees
show a list of documents which expire soon
show a list of missing documents

What has to be entered in the backend:
Names of employees
Profession (Mechanic, Electrician etc.)
required documents per employee
Name and password of users and level (not every user can view all documents)
Name of document types
Values for each document type (like expiration date, date of birth, issue date etc.)

We plan to have that system for about 100 people with about 10-20 documents each. Might get bigger over time.

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bereczandor Premium member | Portfolio (3 items)


30 days


Hello, Kindly check the message board.



15 days


Hi their, Let's discuss, and get started asap. Technology we use? Any... Design +development or only development work.. Is this add-on for your previous system. Or Separate module? File size declared? For documents.. I will surely give you a good system and support in future if required. I use MVC code methods which structures all code. Thanks a lot for checking my bid.!



25 days


This is Sivaram and team from QuickBizTech. We have 10 Years of Exp in Web development in php and web hosting. We can give best product. Regards, QuickBizTech

tangram_ua | Portfolio (10 items)


10 days


Dear Sir, Your project is completely relevant to my skills and expertise. I am professional Web Developer, having 10- year experience in Web- development. According to your request, I am able to build such an managment website and implement all the features mentioned by you. You can contact me anytime to discuss this project with me. Thanks and regards, Alex.

rajivmaity | Portfolio (28 items)


15 days


Hi Stefan, please check our private message, thanks and regards.



30 days


Hi There, I'm Mahesh, a Software Developer with 7+ years in the industry. Primarily a Java Web developer. I have completed projects on similar lines for ERP solutions with robust security mechanisms on the cloud. My preferred technology stack: Front-End: HTML, CSS, JS Back-End: Java with Spring Security Databases: MongoDB (NoSQL Database) If you are interested, we can connect and proceed further.

Achuks | Portfolio (4 items)


25 days


I have more than 3 years of experience with Web development and I can complete your project efficiently. I always deliver on time please review my profile to look at the reviews and projects that I have done so far.

trofimca | Portfolio (20 items)


12 days


hi I can definitely implement the management website for you, in a professional way and secured of course I am ready to take discussion with you and arrange some timeline and project planning see my portfolio as well

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