Productdesigner integration in CCV shop using rest API

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We are running several webshops based on the (Dutch) webshop service "CCV shop". This shopping software is pretty straight forward and can be controlled using a rest API as documented here (

We would like to extend our webshops with a Jquery/HTML5 product designer software such as (for example:

The finished product will have these feautures:

- Multiple products that can be designed on the front end
- A product that has been designed needs to be added to the CCV shopping cart
- Orders that are processed and paid need to be created as an order in the CCV backend
- Designs that has been processed as an order need to generate an extra mail to the customer containing the design and files needed for printing (a copy will be sent to several other fixed mail adresses)
- As much front end integration in the CCV shop as possible

Matthijs Hofstede

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