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Project description

The cloud based solution will allow companies to connect their strategies to measure which will then connect to employees goals and commitments.
User story
The CEO has 5 strategies and has 5 leaders reporting to her. The five leaders select the strategies that are relevant to them. For each strategy they select, they will create a measure to determine if they are achieving the goal. Each measure will consist of a target, thresholds for red yellow and green status, and the actual result of the metric. Approved admins can add other metrics, but should connect them to a strategy already defined. Each leader reporting to the CEO will ultimately have a scorecard with their metrics.

Project bids



90 days


Hello, sir/madam! We are known for providing clients a superior engagement experience through a combination of business acumen, intellectual curiosity, collaborative work style, and strong partnerships.You can get your project deliver in mean time with a comparative cost.As a company, we have a lot of human skills who are expertise in every technical skill. Thank you!

ikbolpm | Portfolio (3 items)


25 days


Dear Sir/Madam, You would be happy to go with our company since we have already built a full cloud ERP (KPI.Com) a small part of which is HR Management Module, a small part of which is goals and objectives. Since we already have the code and logic in place, you will save most and be in safe hands in terms of quality of the application. We have objectives that are measurable that can be set to managers of all levels, departments and indiviguals (SMART goals). Let's discuss further? Thanks, Ikbol

tangram_ua | Portfolio (10 items)


100 days


Hello, it is a very interesting project. Can you please share more information about it? What functionality do you want to have? What measurements would you like to make? Do you have design? I lead a team of professional Developers, having over 10 years experience in App Development, API and paym. gateway integration. We have worked on such clients as IBM Canada, Warner Brosers, Lipton. In whole, we have successfully completed more than 200 projects. Drop me a line to discuss details.



90 days


we will need to talk about your project like once a week to make sure we delver what you need the way you want if you pick me as an option



60 days


Sounds like an app to get greater alignment of teams within an enterprise-like organization. Fun! Can we connect to discuss details about how strategies are measured and other parts to scope? Best, Michael Mason

vishalkumarnjain | Portfolio (5 items)


365 days


Dear sir/madam We are Ken Rite solutions. A team of quality technologists and developers with more than 12 years of experience in programing and development. You can check our profile on We understand that your company has a requirement to develop a employee performance and review system based on cloud. We are confident of delivering the solution for your requirements. If you are further interested then kindly drop us a note with detailed requirements or SRS if any. Thank you

suresht | Portfolio (14 items)


30 days


Hi, I have read details of the requirement. I am confident that we will be able to complete this project with your 100% satisfaction. Would like to have a quick discussion max of 10 mins. Please help. Please share any references, examples documents about strategy plans, metrics measurement Regards Suresh



18 days


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