English to French translation of user interface

Project budget: $ 500.00

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Project ID: 48549

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Project description

We need a French native engineer that can complete the translation of an user interface for an electrical CAD.
We already have the translations for version 2.0.
Now we have version 3.0 and need the translation to be completed with new messages.
Before bidding you can evaluate the work, because both English and French files are public. There is also a translation software running under Windows.

There also a complete translation in Italian, that may help you with French.

1) native French
2) you must have some knowledge of electronics. This is a specialistic work, not a generic translation
3) No Google/Bing automatic translation. We will review by hand your work, and simply WILL NOT PAY in case if automatic translation is discovered.

We don't have particular urgency. Please provide your estimation, and feel free to ask questions before bidding.

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