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First post so not sure of this is something that is offered on this site.

I want toto create an app for IMac computer for my child to learn the keyboard. It's a simple concept.

A treasure chest will appear on the screen. The child clicks on the chest and a letter appears. The child must then press that letter on the keyboard. If successful they will receive congratulations or a prize of some sort. If unsuccessful they will hear a buzz or a voice saying "try again"

Please advise if this is something you may be able to assist with.

Thank you.

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trofimca | Portfolio (20 items)


2 days


hi I can definitely implement the app for you, is it only for IOS right, do you have a tablet or what you use , do you want to share on market > let me know and we can take it from there i am sure i can do it

samyotech | Portfolio (9 items)


10 days


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