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I have a php page that updates comments with each photo... I want to be able to update all the comment fields in one batch. Now it only updates one comment at a time. Problem, each one is in a separate form, so it only does one at a time. Page has pagination so it must update whatever is listed.

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bereczandor Premium member | Portfolio (3 items)


1 days


Hello, Kindly check the message board.

jrspraveen | Portfolio (14 items)


3 days


I am interest to work on your project. I have worked on many freelance project. Please do check my personal message

WebRomania | Portfolio (12 items)


0 days


Kindly check private message board.



2 days


I can do it. Myself a php developer having 7 years of experience in web development. I know PHP, Mysql, Jquery, Css etc.. Let me know.

Posted on 25/11/2012 by


United States

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