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Ive come here only to get this job taken care of. Below my message:

"Hello everyone,

I am here with a request for help. I would like to use this Xbox 1 controller on my pc (using a little converter cable), but there are currently no drivers available for Windows 7 64bit.

This is a picture of the controller:

Now in the past there have been people that had several attempts at writing stuff for this. There's the VTchid project which is an opensource driver for 32bit windows systems (lots of useful information for scripting the 64bit driver) which can be found here:

And then there is the more recently made SteelBattalion.Net package which should help a lot aswell. It can be found here:

Using the two mentioned resources it should be very doable for an experienced coder to successfuly write a direct input driver with some configuration & joystic calibration options. And that is what i'm here to ask for. Is there anyone that would be willing to write this driver for me for payment? I really just want to get driving tanks and flying planes with that thing on my windows 7 64bit computer! Once the project is finished i will be publicly hosting the file for whoever wants to use it, there are many owners of these controllers out there that wish to use it the same way i do, and it would help all of them. It's safe to say that actually making this script grants you 'legendary hero' status in the eyes of many many people :D

Thank you for the read and take care,






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