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Website Designs & Development

Waymaker is a professional corporate training providing website. I have developed it's corporate identity & website to express the scope of the website.

I took 10 business days to complete the entire project with the details.

And I am waiting to hear from you also to do yours! is a corporate training & service provider based on Manchester-UK. I have developed it's corporate identity & websites as per the clients requirements.

I have given the contents & concept to make the responsive site perfectly matched with the business type. And I did! is a webiste that provide property management advice & support. It is a system that provides the expert services.

The largest & smartest technologies for e-commerce system with b2b communication. This site is connected with lots of business for performing & capturing the market with quality service & products over the decades.

This task was amazing experience!

It is the project of different locations real-estate, hotel & home developer & renting service provider. I got the project to work around 10 days to make the site. And gradually as per the clients requirements it developed.

I am able to make this kind of site within 7 business days with revisions!

I have a great comment about this site. That is - Select what you want to sell from the customers choice without wasting time, & earn money!

This is the site about!

It is large project organised properly with the proper updated price of the PC parts with the real time.

Develop the developers website is a plus. It allows to know the real-estate business as well. I had this opportunity to build the most profit making company-UK.

It was a great experience of working with Mike who is the administrator of this company. Really enjoyed your work.


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