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Voting Panel

Menu Modification and main page


This is the website constructed according to requirement of the client.
Reference taken from the (instruct by client)

Chartity Website - Template

Charity Website Template - Under construction - Waiting for the content

Extraction Work

Retrieve to Flash


Need to create a webpage to schedule and store it in database. Once it store, it should show the schedule according to the super_user.
Need to modify the flash content to display the same schedule into the flash by integrating the flash and php.

The picture may explain how it will look like.. The URL is avoided since it's confidential (client request)


Have done some customization according to the requirement of the customer. The field which i worked in this website is PHP, HTML, Javascript, Jquery.

Basic Web Project


This is simple but powerful project to show the simple feature of javascript.

Doing the element modification dynamically in the website as per the project requirement.

I have completed the project in 10hours.

MySQL to PDF with PHP

Register Page

Front Page

Direction Page

Attendance Management Portal


Project description(From Client):

Hi there I need to create an online absence booking system for a project which I am having trouble with. For this system I want a login page where employees can login in with their chosen passwords and book off time from work this can vary from a few hours to a few weeks. This can be used by the employees to book or cancel holiday bookings. Also it should be able to show announcements, with the options of showing those details to everyone or maybe just a few other employees. Further on when an employee books off holiday it should further then send an email with the details of the booking to the personal that has the authority to authorise the booking. I will need a database in MySQL, and the programming languages which should be used are PHP, HTML and CSS with full annotation of the code. The database should include relationship diagrams which also should be annotated. So overall all I need a system that when an employee logs-in a page opens which shows the latest announcements and gives the option to book holidays off. On this booking page there should be a calendar and on this calendar it should show all the bookings and announcements made.

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