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Software Development

XCodes Solutions is a well known Software , Web and IT Solutions company in Multan,Punjab , Pakistan.
XCodes Solutions Book Store Automation System is a POS Desktop application software Developed in C# .NET Technology having following modules.

Inventory Stock Management Panel
Books, copies, Uniforms Packaging
HR Management consisting of major employee management operations such a (Add , edit , delete, salaries, allowance , accounts, salaries increment, decrements etc )
Users Credentials and Privileges management
It Also have the
Sales , Sales Return module
Purchases Purchases Return module
Vendor and customer records and accounts management
the software is also provides strong searching features as well and
Reporting in Crystal Reports
it also support invoice printing and barcode features
the application scope is multi purpose can b implemented any where

Shopnix Store a point of sale software performs all basics operations of a shop departmental store or stock inventory system

Modules are
HR (Human Resources Management)
Customer and Vendor Management
Master Category Setup
Product Setup
Stock / Inventory Setup
Purchases , Purchases History
Purchases Return , Purchases Return History
Advance Order Placement
Sales , Sale History, Module
Sales Return , Sale Return History
Accounts upto Trial Balance and Profit Loss Statements

Jewelers can't run business without effective an efficient application software.
We are proud to present the application which is capable for performing every operation that a Jewelry Retailer Needs

Web Development

LMS is web based Online Leave Management System Developed in PHP5 using Bootstrap , CSS3 , and HTML5.
It's the University Project developed for NFC University
Project Consists of 4 Users types
VC = Vice Chancler
HOD = Head Of Department
Staff = Teacher
Record Keeper = Clerk
This project manages the user credentials based on types and provide the appropriate privileges.
capable for registering leaves , notifications , reports etc

Online Complaint Management System is a web based Application that allows Owner To keep track on Customers and customer relationships,
CMS allows the customers to register complains at home using notebook, pc or even phone.
The Admin Can Register the engineer and can assign complaints
Engineers is able to check the complaints an resolve them
Amin k check the insights or reports as well

Med2TEC is an integrated web-based Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) which automates clinical, administrative and financial functions of hospitals, polyclinics, nursing homes and medical centers. It is a combination of five interlinked but independent modules, making it a flexible system to be used by all sizes and categories of medical setups. These five modules are:

1. In Patient (IPD) & ICU Management
2. Out Patient (OPD) Services
3. Operation Theater Management
4. Pharmacy Management
5. Diagnostics Management
These modules can be used independently for specific needs or as an integrated system for large hospitals. The server based technology of Med2TEC enables medical practitioners and patients to access information anywhere anytime. It also helps in consolidating data from various locations of the hospital at one point.

Med2TEC is designed to provide relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care, hospital management and critical financial accounting, in a seamless flow. It provides physicians, clinicians, and healthcare executives with the necessary information to make critical decisions about the patient and the hospital. The system helps hospitals and healthcare organizations in reducing costs, streamlining management and administrative processes and improving quality of patient care. It incorporates the best healthcare practices and is designed to deliver key tangible benefits to clients across the globe.

Med2TEC boasts of comprehensive EPM and EHR functions which create a true paperless medical practice with customizable templates, mobile access, and an integrated, web-based patient portal. It is designed to represent data that accurately captures the state of the patient at all times. This reduces the chances of data duplication and lost paperwork, as all the data is stored electronically in one file and then shared with different entities. A robust EHR also ensures that the file is constantly up to date which makes it much more effective when extracting medical data for the examination of possible trends and long term changes in the patient.

This all-inclusive system covers all aspects of healthcare and patient management practices, including clinical as well as patient care information. Since it is a user oriented management system, it can be easily customized to the requirements of any hospital.

Med2TEC is developed with the latest web-based technology (Java Script, PHP, SQL) which provides all the functionality and flexibility required for todayâs competitive technical market.


46% of us prefer to drive, 30% put one foot in front of the other (a.k.a. backpacking) to get to our favorite camping spot, and of course, there is 24% who want room service and indoor plumbing.

There is a total of 110 brothers and sisters who call our employees family. Only four of our employees get whatever they want; they are the only child.

Our brothers and sisters also own this joint! Being employee owned is the awesome sauce; it helps both our business and our culture thrive.

Each one of us had a favorite memory that included spending time with our family. And, when we are not working, we are all outside soaking up Vitamin D! More than 60% of us love to float down the Deschutes River.

Just to name a few â Will Farrell, Lady Gaga, George Clooney, and Clint Eastwood got the most votes! Just shy of 25% of us were born in Oregon. However, we love our transplants just as much. Besides, majority rules with 75% of us getting to Oregon as fast as we could.

Modest Mouse, David Bowie, The Fray, The Beach Boys, Van Halen, Rolling Stones, Elton John, Elvis, Neil Diamond, The Who, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nat King Cole, just to name a few of the first concerts attended without the parents. A few of us donât remember, we didnât ask them whyâ¦

Get us all in a room and we can solve the worldâs problems! Getting us to agree on the best flavor of Jelly Belly⦠not happening!

ârabbit earsâ are, others think it is the first thing you eat off the chocolate Easter bunny. Friends, Gilliganâs Island, I Love Lucy, MTV, Brady Bunch with a close tie to the Price is Right; hmmm, I wonder what generation we are from?

We are proud to say that 13% of us (and growing) ride our bikes to work.

We love to sing in the car more than the shower. There are a select few that feel comfortable up on stage and a small number whose dog even leaves the room when they belt out a tune.

Our favorite movies are ⦠oh, wait! With so many movies to choose from, our favorites change all the time. Come see whatâs available in RedBox, located just outside the front doors.

We provide our customers with a shopping experience that will exceed their expectations. It encourages them to return AND tell their friends. This enables us to get a fair return on investment AND builds a secure future for all associates.

PradnyaConnect was established in 2012. We are very young and dynamic company that represents the worldâs finest Wines and Spirit brands in alcoholic beverage segment. We have exclusive collections of French Bordeaux wine, which is one of the best wines producing region in the world. We are always committed to bring the finest multi-national brands in Indian market.

Our marketing team continuously involves at various wine events around the world to study and understand the best quality wines and spirit to bring it to Indian market. Our Sales, marketing and distribution teams are dedicated to build bond with retailers, clubs premises , premium premises and other domestic Indian market for the easy availability of our international brands in the market.

PradnyaConnectâs distribution partners are in Goa & Maharashtra ,PradnyaConnect together with distributors have launched all international brands initially in major cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Goa. By the end of 2014 we are planning to launch our brands in all major cities in India.

PradnyaConnect is also the best platform for all worldwide exporters to launch their brands in India. We have dedicated a logistic team that manages all our exports from all over world to India.

Open Journal is a publication interested in design, the arts, ideas and culture in all its forms. Be it graphic, interior, product or urban design, visual arts, drinking and dining, music or architecture, Open Journal will discuss the places, products and people that drive these industries and provide inspiration.

As its name implies, a key value of Open Journal is that it is exactly that â a publication that brings together a group of contributors from all fields of the design and cultural space, and is open to contributors.

An initiative of Neometro, Open Journal is about us participating in and supporting the development of design awareness and culture. Based in Melbourne, the goal is to create a valuable and enjoyable piece of design commentary that is Australian in focus yet with international awareness and appeal.

We are excited about creating this publication â if you have any thoughts, ideas or critique, please get in touch.

BioStar's story begins with Lionheart, Tigger Montague's performance horse, who had not responded to any treatments or therapies, but who finally responded with a whole food diet. The recipe that was used became BioStar's first formula, followed by many more, born in Tigger's Virginia kitchen. The formulas and research has grown into the BioStar we know and love today.
Lionheart suffered crippling inflammation of the bursa. On the advice of her veterinarian, Dr. Tim Ober, the last resort was to have a surgeon perform a neurectomy. From a horse competing at the highest level of the sport, to this prognosis, it was a huge blow to have nowhere else to turn. Tigger decided that perhaps whole food would be supportive before more drastic and permanent options were undergone. What happened next was a complete and utter surprise to both Tigger and Dr. Ober. The horse improved and came sound, by feeding a combination of sprouted foods and whole foods. No longer was a permanent surgery or lifetime of pharmaceuticals on the table. This formula was where BioStar got itâs start and was later dubbed, Furnace EQ for itâs ability to stimulate nitric oxide production in the body and reduce inflammation. From that moment on, a wide variety of formulas for horses began to get underway and BioStar as a company was born.

From the humble beginnings in Tiggerâs kitchen, to the release of a full canine line of supplements and treats in 2013, the company retains the principles and values it was founded on as it expands to wholesale and topical treatments. These include:

Organic ingredients
GMO-free ingredients (no genetically modified organisms)
Coal tar free ingredients
Petro-chemical free
High nutrient availability from dehydration and freeze drying processes (no cooking or high heat processing)
Products tested for efficacy and palatability before being released to market
Emphasis on providing a customer service experience that places the customersâ needs first.

Today, BioStar is headquartered in Gordonsville, Virginia. They have been certified for good manufacturing practices with the Non-GMO Project, and boast a production team and customer support staff that is second to none. BioStar focuses on choosing employees as carefully as they choose their ingredients!

Established since 2006, audio tonicî is the Middle Easts longest standing weekly electronic dance music concept, with a distinct focus on a refined yet accessible sound. audio tonicî Records was established in 2011.

From the Thursday night audio tonicî Radio 1 UAE show (2000 GMT) produced/presented by Mike Bufton (AKA Mr Mr), to the world famous audio tonicî Sunset Sessions party at 360ú, the brands mission is simple â bring upfront, quality House Music and guest DJâs, educational but most importantly⦠entertaining.

In 2009 & 2010, 360ú was voted in the DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs of the world, with credit to the audio tonicî International guest DJ roster.

In 2011, audio tonicî @ 360ú (Jumeirah Beach Hotel) was voted as âBest House Music Nightâ at The Timeout Nightlife Awards (+ 2013 awarded the âHighly Commended Awardâ), and in 2012 winning the coveted âFavourite Club Nightâ at the Whatâs On Awards. Every Friday from 4pm, audio tonicî âSunset Sessionsâ begins the weekly 10 hour music marathon covering sunset sounds, through nu disco, deep & chunky beats, sexy melodic riffs, tech laden rhythms and all round feel good grooves!

Each and every Friday, International guests are flown in from all four corners of the globe, previous DJs have included Funk DâVoid, Jimpster, Spirit Catcher, Ian Pooley, Hot Since 82, Claptone, Shur-I-Kan, Milton Jackson, Ralph Lawson, Florian Kruse, Omid 16B, Danny Daze, Audiojack⦠the list goes on.

The audio tonicî resident DJ team consist of some of the most respected local artists, who include Mr Mr, Vas Floyd, Raxon, Julian Jinx, JC, Rich Showell, Russ Cooper, Megadon Betamax, Rod Lee Winters & Tristan Bain. Their intricate knowledge of the venue, crowd and all important vibe makes the audio tonicî experience one of the most talked about weekly events in the region.

With all natural progression, it was only a matter of time before the audio tonicî Record label took shape â and that is has. The label is an output for us to release music we love listening to and love playing, across the sub genres of House which represent our weekly 11 hour party!

Sit back (or stand up), turn it up, and enjoy⦠the sound of audio tonicî â âadding the vital ingredient to your weekendâ

Hypnotherapy, or hypnosis, is a way to bypass the conscious mind to access the subconscious, which is where permanent positive changes take place. The client enters a state of relaxation that is deep enough to to allow the subconscious to take over. While they are in this state, positive suggestions are given. These suggestions will become ingrained behavior, if the client desires it to be so.

Service Reminder is developed using OOP PHP with AJAX for
Service Reminder is divided into 2 parts
Admin and Clients
Admin Can
Manage Staff
Manage Staff Roles
Manage Clients and subscriptions
Manage Notes and Reminders etc
Clients Can
Manage Staff
Manage Staff Roles
Manage Persons
Manage Contact Details
Send Letters Promotions
Manage Notes and Reminders etc

And Much More

Touting Expert is developed using OOP PHP with AJAX for
Touting Expert is divided into 2 parts
Admin and Clients
Admin Can
Manage Staff
Manage Staff Roles
Manage Clients and subscriptions
Manage Notes and Reminders etc
Clients Can
Manage Staff
Manage Staff Roles
Manage Persons
Manage Contact Details
Send Letters Promotions
Manage Notes and Reminders etc

And Much More

Trekkso is Pakistan's No. 1 travel website bringing its viewers closer to the country's exquisite beauty. We aim to facilitate the travellers to Pakistan by providing them with all the information and resources required to make their trip worthwhile.

Pakistan has un-matchable and un-explored natural beauty, and we would like to bring you closer to it as much as possible. Trekkso is one point where you will find all the information from different places to visit to the nearby hotels, relevant tours, car-rentals, directions and reviews to facilitate your journey throughout the country.

As a Pakistan's leading traveling Portal, Trekkso offers travellers the ability to select and book a wide selection of hotel accommodation, car rentals and tour destinations across the country. You can read thousands of independent reviews from fellow travellers and use travel-simplifying features such as maps, directions and virtual tours of hotels - all to enable you to explore this beautiful country with us! offers a truly remarkable shopping experience on the Internet. With an unparalleled assortment of the leading international and national brands in menâs, womenâs and kids apparel; gifts and fashion accessories like ladies watches, menâs watches, artificial jewellery, fine jewellery, handbags, fragrances, cosmetics, menâs and womenâs footwear, home furnishing and décor products, we are an online shopping destination of choice.

Fotoloco is all about having fun with your photos. We rent out photo booths for events and parties, which churn out really fun photo souvenirs for your guests in an instant. We can also do this via studio setups with professional photographers and our creative team in tow. We also enjoy doing fun photo shoots for event and portrait photography. Crazy about photos? We scour everywhere for really interesting tools, products and articles related to that holy grail, our first love â photography. Do subscribe to our newsletter to get the dibs

Sight For Sore Eyes Optical is a high-end optical boutique located at the Five Corners in White Rock, BC that specializes in the finest quality eyeglasses and contact lenses available today. Rita also owned and ran Sight For Sore Eyes Optical in Windsor, Ontario for 11 years. The boutique was consistently voted Windsor and areaâs best optical store and was renowned in Southwestern Ontario and Southeastern Michigan as âTHEâ place to go for the best in eyewear. Carrying on the same tradition, the White Rock store has a warm and inviting feeling that entices customers to browse the wide selection of frames and sunglasses ranging from traditional to leading edge avant-garde.
Specializing in fashionable designs, Rita seeks out eyeglass companies around the world that are on the leading edge of fashion. Acquiring the best lines has been the hallmark of Sight For Sore Eyes. Sunglass lines include Parasite, Maui Jim, Bvlgari, Versace, Prada, Dita, Thierry Lasry, Harry Lary, Dolce & Gabbana , Kuboraum, Theo, Anne et Valentin, Initium Eyewear, Benner, Oliver Goldsmith, Vinylize, Spectacle Eyeworks, L.A. Eyewinks, and many more! The hot colours this season range from classic black and tortoise to bright and sparkly lucite frames. Styles vary from soft rimless to the nerdy 50âs look; or Geek Chic as we like to call it. There is something to suit every age and personality.

Workcenta helps businesses and individuals find trusted, reliable workers- quickly and easily. We understand that businesses and individuals struggle to find good workers, and rely on word of mouth or expensive recruitment agents to find candidates. Similarly, jobseekers struggle to find jobs- also relying on word of mouth, agents or brokers.

WorkCenta allows you access to a pool of verified and ready-to-work drivers, at a very cost-effective rate. Employers can simply submit their requirements and Workcenta will automatically identify the most suitable candidates from our database of ID-verified, screened candidate profiles. Workcenta will even arrange the interviews for you! And we can do reference checks, We also take the extra step of providing health insurance for workers you hire through us, WorkCenta also reduces your concerns as health insurance for your workers is already covered for personnel you hire through us.

Contacts: Email, Phone, Map, Company Information
Customers: Some of the advertisers we work with
Resellers: Interested in selling our solutions?
Affiliates: Generate revenue from your website


The idea caught fire in April 2014 when one of the representatives of the site sold vehicles in the conventional manner through a car dealership. Subsequently raised the question: " Why is not auglýsingamiðill a search engine where I can perform detailed searches based on what resources I have on your hands, or by the exact type and model I am looking for, without intermediaries?" From became auglýsingamiðillinn sjá

At sjá gives sellers the opportunity to advertise their vehicles for sale in a simple, convenient manner, should they wish to do it themselves, directly. Those wishing to purchase vehicles can set a detailed search to find exactly what you want. You can only search for the registered vehicles in the search engine. Example: If no Skoda Octavia is listed on the web, the search is not an option in the search engine etc.

Trade with real people
Do not give your money away. Sidout can show you in the neighbourhood who has leftover foreign currencies to trade.
Choose a pic up location
Sign in with Facebook and trade currencies with your own friends or discover people nearby your place.
Travel more, spend less
Travel with more money in your pocket by avoiding to go to Currency Exchange offices. Now just relax and enjoy your trip!

JusticeNet is a not-for-profit service promoting increased access to justice for low- and moderate-income Canadians. Our service is intended to complement public legal aid and pro bono programs by expanding the number of clients receiving support and by expanding the types of legal problems addressed. The service is currently limited to the Province of Ontario.
Value Proposition

JusticeNet is unique in its ability to benefit all participants in our justice system:

â Low- and moderate-income Canadians gain greater opportunities for legal expertise and alternative dispute resolution.
â Individual professionals gain the chance to engage in public service and demonstrate their commitment to the cause of access to justice.
â Pressure on legal aid is eased due to reduced applications and possibility to refer unqualified clients to this alternate program.
â Courts and judges obtain relief from the frustrating and time-consuming burden of self-represented litigants.

BPS K9 was established in Alberta since 1999. In 15 years our business has grown to be the largest provider of K9 Security and mobile security guards in Western Canada. With more than 37 professionally trained canine teams BPSK9 can provide advanced security solutions which exceed that of our competition. Our security services are used in high risk job sites, response calls, mobile security, or anywhere else presence is required.

We operate in the following areas:

Edmonton Area Calgary

Sherwood Park Airdrie

Nisku Cochrane


St. Albert

Stoney Plain

Spruce Grove

Elk Island

a place where you can find the best online hotels for confirming your accommodation during your stay. We are one of the fastest growing online hotel platforms providing our services worldwide.

The travellers have the option of choosing at over 700,000 hotels in about 242 countries. You can choose your accommodation in whatever country you want from the comfort of your home. We will help you in unlocking the best hotel rates as we specialize in providing those deals that are satisfying for our clients. You can choose the best destination in your location. The state of the art booking platform provided by us is going to be easy to use. You can even browse through our website from your phone. Your hotel booking needs will be fulfilled efficiently and effectively. Our services are flexible enough that they are going to easily fit according to personalized needs of our clients.

You can easily book the hotel that will fit your travelling needs. We also provide free membership to our clients. These services are available in 242 countries in 44 languages.

With our desktop, tablet and mobile wedding app style wedding planner, we use our wealth of professional planning experience to take you by the hand and guide you through the minefield of tasks required to plan your wedding; the ultimate aim being to make your special day one to remember, and the envy of your guests.

The cloud based planner that can be accessed simultaneously by you and your fiancé at all times will point you in the right direction, remind you of necessary tasks, and recommend the order of planning. In short, our wedding planner will give you peace of mind by guiding you step-by-step throughout the whole procedure.

Whether you have a tight, or money no object budget, our wedding tour will take you through the whole planning process starting with the automated budget calculator that keeps you in total control at all times with an at-a-glance view of your estimates and spendingâs. You will then be directed to the To-Do checklist which will gently lead you at the appropriate times to all areas of the planner. Completing all sections will give you the confidence of knowing that every wedding detail, without exception, has been thought through and organised.

Whilst the planner caters for all budgets, our accompanying website is packed with an array of realistic useful information and tips for the regular Bride and Groom who donât have a bottomless pit of money to draw from. And with this approach, we hope to realise our mission to help you succeed in planning and enjoying your dream wedding.


MHB Markets (Pvt) Ltd
The Trade Name Of MHB Group
MHB Markets is a well Established specialized online Trading Company which is committed to its clients. MHB is innovative and successful company and playing its part in continuing development in domestic and international reputation of this industry.MHB Markets is a National leader in retail derivatives trading, offering online dealing services to private investors, institutions, and brokerages. Stead fasting in Currencies, Metals and commodities. The success of MHB Markets has been built on three key mainstays of strength, Strong regulatory oversight, rolling technological innovation, and dedicated, experienced staff. Operating in a highly regulated environment constraining transparency and trust, offering our customers and partners boosted peace of mind. We help individuals, corporate clients and institutions, work toward better lives by developing and implementing comprehensive plans designed to meet their unique goals and objectives.
Clients benefit from our large network of Exchange Trading enabling us to offer competitive spreads. Serious traders expect their orders to be filled quickly at the best price without any requote. Low Spreads, Instant Settlement & Automatic Execution This is what MHB delivers.
We are committed to maintain the highest standards of integrity and professionalism in relationship with clients and employees. MHB endeavor to know and understand your Business situations and provide you with the highest quality information, services, and product to help you reach your goals.
Today MHB offers to its clients a wide array of services for Trading, business management and effective investment solutions. All of our clients, no matter how much experience or capital they have, get the same high-class service at MHB Platform.
Our stability is based on our sensitivity to market dynamics and our ability to keep up with new instruments and technologies.
The company was established with a clear, ambitious vision: to provide partners and clients an immaculate trading experience, moored by an efficient and highly dynamic trading platform. We are committed to the development of our elite trading platform, devoting considerable resources to constantly deliver system improvements. Our supreme assets remain our dedicated and experienced staff, many of which come from miscellaneous international financial backgrounds. We are smug to put this expertise and knowledge at the service of our clients and partners.

Ecoaid is a Non-governmental Organization (NGO). It was established in early 2013 and aims to work for the betterment of the environment. Todayâs world is facing major and global environmental problems and it tends to be worse in future if such attitudes continue. Recently in Pakistan a great attention is being paid to the environment.

To achieve environmental goals and sustainable development we need to create awareness among the people regarding importance of the environment in their domestic, social and professional lives.

Let if we ignore the illiterate even the literate ranks of our society are continuously degrading the environment. The illiterate due to their ignorance and the literate ones owing to their negligence. We are concerned with the clean, healthy and protected environment leading towards sustainable development in every field of life.

We are working on the mindset of the people regarding environment. The problem will be resolved when the environment will be included in the priorities.

Despite of being in infancy stage ecoaid has done the following activities:

World Environment Day walk
Seminars and debates
Solid waste management campaign
World earth day
World water day
Medical camps
Tree plantation
Kitchen gardening
Awareness programs at schools
The fight for clean environment continues in a climate of increasing urgency, as the ravages of climate change become more manifest every day.

We invite you to be part of Eco-Aid and help write many more victories and successes into our history. Discover energy you didnât even know u had. Feel it rumble through the grassroots under your feet and technology at your fingertips. Channel it into building a clean, healthy, diverse world for generations to come.

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