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Flash Content

BoothPic is a fun photo booth app for Facebook. It allows a user to take photos of themselves and their friends in a classic four-picture format, reminiscent of old-style antique photo booths.

BoothPic recaptures the fun of a past era.

BoothPic was written using a Flash frontend and a PHP backend that uses either ImageMagick or GD to process images.

A space shooter game in the style of the earliest vector arcade games, or the more recent Geometry Wars. You play the role of Doug, a bored teenager who decides to steal a prototype star fighter (the eponymous Coelacanth) and fly off to the cosmos.

Pursued by the military, and wary of thieves who wish to "salvage" the Coelacanth for themselves, and joined only by misfits like himself, Doug is trying to reach Paradise, a mythic land protected by dangerous monsters from a distant age.

While the game is not finished, I believe that it demonstrates my considerable skills. I used unique rendering techniques to allow Flash to display complex particle effects, and to show many more objects on screen at once than would normally be possible with the Flash runtime.

Character and Graphic Design

Animation for a web design concept.

Character design. A pixel-ish art style.

A simple graphic design for my indie games label.

A very cyber-punk inspired animated graphic design concept using WebGL.

The Spirit Kernel Animation, shown earlier in my portfolio, was to be the centerpiece, but 2D frame-by-frame animation is rather difficult in WebGL yet, so the centerpiece had to remain static.

Since WebGL is a very new technology, this demonstration will only run in recent versions of Firefox and Google Chrome, and your video drivers must be up-to-date.

A set of simple character designs heavily influenced by Japanese pop art.

Web Sites

Swirlr, my current project for a client.

It is a drink-mixing app that integrates heavily with Facebook. It is currently in alpha, but it already allows users to search, cross-reference, and find drink recipes, as well as create menus, and plan parties with their Facebook friends.

It uses a Python backend, with PostgreSQL as the preferred database (citing performance reasons). On the front end, it makes heavy use of HTML5 features and AJAX via JQuery.

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