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Creative new website needed

Posted by timothyms5 on 27/06/2017

I am a freelance copy editor, and i want to launch a website in which students or companies can post a writing for the purpose of being edited. at this point, i only have a ba [..]

Finish a simple web page

Posted by papo on 27/06/2017

Hi, i need someone finish a not complicated page for an small business ,the page was stared in wordpress but ,need to be finish, must be easy to manage and must have 5 entry a [..]

Implemenation of payment gateway (stripe)

Posted by Intern on 27/06/2017

Hello, looking for coders who have knowledge in stripe. we need to tailor our gatewayi

Copy website and override log in

Posted by spaceritual666 on 27/06/2017

I want a password protected website copied so i can either use it on my laptop without logging in or upload it to my own site. the site is

Wpf master details app

Posted by bgreer5050 on 27/06/2017

I need help creating a wpf app with two datagrids (only one visible at a time) one datagrid will show the rows of a local datasource using sqlite and the other datagrid will [..]

Genius in online traffic needed

Posted by NataliaGryn on 27/06/2017

We are looking for genius in online traffic ( all kind of: seo, sem, google, blogs and etc. ). we are interested working on result payment or by % from revenue. at this moment [..]

C++ project

Posted by Enuel on 26/06/2017

Main c assignment - emat10006 2017 ================================== recap ----- this is now the main c programming assignment for the unit. the previous assignments [..]

Register/login oop php

Posted by Burton on 25/06/2017

Need someone to code a register and login script for me. security included is a must. i do not want a basic register/login script. has to include an email, username, name, joi [..]

Experienced game developer for partnership in new tec [..]

Posted by bobjohn on 25/06/2017

An inventor & engineer team seek an avid and experienced game programming tycoon, willing to test the waters on a potentially lucrative project. if you are truly a candidate f [..]

App development

Posted by gdr on 25/06/2017

An app that people can download on a smartphone to get vehicle recovery/breakdown help for cars-must be conversant for the apple platform

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