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Shell script for filenames/directories

Posted by ellis1884 on 27/02/2017

Looking for a shell script to run on my synology to scan/match and move files into a new directory given the filename from a per-determined a text file/list. i have a direct [..]

I require professional coder to get it done

Posted by umarimtiaz11 on 27/02/2017

Hello, i require some programmer to work on the project i m looking for, have a look at the link the above website operator doing strea [..]

Smart watch application developers needed

Posted by AthierCorp on 27/02/2017

To whom it may concern, athier corp is in need of an engineer with the skills and abilities to successfully develop a smart watch application, which would be primarily ran [..]

Javascript/html5/css mobile application/website

Posted by Methodeu on 27/02/2017

I require someone with deep javascript knowledge to flesh out an already made html5/css website. it must be optimised for mobile viewing. - the application must demonstrate [..]

Top notch, highly experienced tech consultant needed

Posted by asterisme on 27/02/2017

We're looking to hire a highly experienced tech consultant who can lead the effort on our software development project including 1. make recommendations/finalize tech stack t [..]

Webrtc development - simple video chat web app with c [..]

Posted by gerard on 26/02/2017

Video conference tool where users can be added or removed from the session as required by a central operator needs to run on android phone and on pc fee can be negotiated de [..]

Shift schedule generator

Posted by Ahm1719 on 26/02/2017

The project is to is to produce an excel sheet that generates a shift plane for (n) number of employees. there are 2 groups of employees in the roster group a and b. the shif [..]

Itunes connect help

Posted by racershq on 25/02/2017

Hi, i have an active, functional app on itunes. a new version needs to be created and the support database isn't helping. i'm looking for someone to simply submit the next ver [..]

H1z1 aimbot for personal use

Posted by Atomlab on 25/02/2017

Looking for a coder that will be able to make a maintain a h1z1 aimbot. will need to get past battleeye. will be paying well for the making of and upkeep for the aimbot. this [..]

I am looking for a coder to build an app for android [..]

Posted by contacteyea on 24/02/2017

I am looking for a coder to build an app for android and ios. contact me for more detail.

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