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Online auction engine

Posted by jsdubb on 22/03/2017

We are looking for a website / app developer to who can produce the following: produce an online auction engine comprising: - back end software for uploading items - capa [..]

Prop hunt server

Posted by FlutterCry on 19/03/2017

A group of us are looking to start a prop hunt server for garry's mod. the job would require lua coding knowledge, as well as fretta, and experience with addons. pay is [..]

Penny stock auto trader

Posted by Williamfew09 on 17/03/2017

I'm looking for a program that i can set dates to trade if a certain stock i choose goes to like 0.01 and set it to buy a certain amount of that stock also to have a spot for [..]

Moa redesign (open for bids - please offer a valid bu [..]

Posted by IndigoWD on 12/03/2017

Event calendar we need an event calendar that provides web users a concise view of upcoming events and with the capability of finding events in the extended future but will [..]


Posted by hkalatardi on 11/03/2017

Develop a secured video visit app for our clinic ( a telemedicine application). should have provider and patient login and integration with a standard visit scheduler software [..]

Smart watch application developers needed

Posted by AthierCorp on 27/02/2017

To whom it may concern, athier corp is in need of an engineer with the skills and abilities to successfully develop a smart watch application, which would be primarily ran [..]

I am looking for a coder to build an app for android [..]

Posted by contacteyea on 24/02/2017

I am looking for a coder to build an app for android and ios. contact me for more detail.


Posted by Esperada on 14/02/2017

Sale - cross platform application buy/sell all miscellaneous things order products for consumers develope products for consumers negotiate pricings above $100.00 [..]

Microcontroller cnc

Posted by CNC on 10/02/2017

We are exploring the possibility of developing a cnc control based on a simple interface much like grbl. we need it to do a few specific things, namely read g code forwards an [..]


Posted by Felvargs on 07/02/2017

Hey there, i am currently working on a project that requires multiple different things to be coded. from custom calendars to a game/bank system for a website. i am looking for [..]

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