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C sharp coder needed to design an equity long-only sy [..]

Posted by rayyco on 07/11/2016

An equity long-only systematic momentum product. strategy: to invest in the highest momentum s&p 500 stocks. process: sourcing: rank the s&p 500 stocks bas [..]

Aeroguide - infancy project .

Posted by hernani77 on 04/11/2016

This is an idea at its infancy ! at the moment its only an idea , and i am looking for a programmer to help me develop it . here is a back ground story ..... i am not much of [..]

Gps tracking software pc to mobile device tracking

Posted by brianem21 on 02/11/2016

Hello, i need gps software created that can track mobile devices from pc monitoring. a person or vehicle can have a mobile device and a office can track the person by monit [..]

Android chat app

Posted by wakaboss on 31/10/2016

I need someone who can help me revamp my present android chat app called "wakachat". it was built with telegram api. the cons is that it has the same ui and it synchronizes fu [..]

An style website

Posted by tuchfeld on 30/10/2016

An style website. i need a website for renting houses around the world. the users (who can sign in to the website) can choose the city, dates, number of rooms, pr [..]

Coder needed here

Posted by DarkShardChaos on 29/10/2016

I am in need of a game coder who can help code the game i am making btw this game is a rpg game kinda like summonors war but a whole diffrent look and everythign else

A website for japanese food order

Posted by Frances on 28/10/2016

Dear sir / madam, i am looking for an expert to develop a website similar to this one:

Vmware vsphere integration with web portal -automatio [..]

Posted by nomykhan on 27/10/2016

1)user experience (front end) 1. user logs in to 2. he logs in with a username password 3. portal has two sub-menus a. courses b. lab 4. he clicks on the “ [..]

New valet pos web application needed for a school pro [..]

Posted by WMProjects on 24/10/2016

Hi, i'm a honor mis (management information system) student working on a pos valet web application project. i need help on developing this responsive web application using htm [..]


Posted by rangeelmo2 on 19/10/2016

Hello i am trying to find a good coder that knows how to code well for this steam game (garrysmod) if you can help out we can talk of what needs to be done and see if you guys [..]

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