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Cyber security software needed

Posted by AliAbou on 31/12/2016

Cyber security software needed to better secure some social media accounts.

Coding for an app

Posted by AndrewBlackwell on 30/12/2016

I am looking for; a search bar where the user enters a title of a book and the search results are playlists that pair well with the book.

Proposal for the deciphering of the voynich manuscrip [..]

Posted by stellar on 28/12/2016

Programmer needed, i believe that the vms words are just letters that equal numbers which are not represented as a language. i’m in search of a programmer who can apply m [..]

Need fill a database with fb data - after user login [..]

Posted by dansanso on 05/12/2016

I need a solution that will retreive information from facebook after uses provides permission. my need: make a database of a users, storing and updating ( every x hours [..]

Digital audio processing

Posted by Xtronic on 30/11/2016

I am in need of a dsp project that will have 1 single ended analog audio input and 2 single ended analog audio outputs that are 90 degrees apart in phase (hilbert transform) o [..]

Android chat app

Posted by wakaboss on 31/10/2016

I need someone who can help me revamp my present android chat app called "wakachat". it was built with telegram api. the cons is that it has the same ui and it synchronizes fu [..]

Java game

Posted by NightX on 04/05/2015

Hey, we need an epic java programmer that can help us with our game. the game is called star flight. the controls are going to be arrow keys for movement, q for speed boost [..]

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