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Digital audio processing

Posted by Xtronic on 30/11/2016

I am in need of a dsp project that will have 1 single ended analog audio input and 2 single ended analog audio outputs that are 90 degrees apart in phase (hilbert transform) o [..]

Productdesigner integration in ccv shop using rest ap [..]

Posted by matthijs on 25/11/2016

We are running several webshops based on the (dutch) webshop service "ccv shop". this shopping software is pretty straight forward and can be controlled using a rest api as do [..]

Interactive virtual safe lock

Posted by SafeCentral on 22/11/2016

I am trying to produce a virtual safe lock that allows users to attempt to "guess the code" of a safe lock to use for online competitions. i need am image of the lock, whether [..]

New website needed

Posted by BOptimera on 16/11/2016

Hi, hello, i run a company called boptimera, boptimera work with cost savings for housing associations including by collecting existing agreements and make continuous reneg [..]

Online pharmacy website

Posted by bbb on 08/11/2016

Hi i am looking for someone who can design a pharmacy online website that includes putting our pharmacy products on the website, then customers to follow one of 3 or 4 routes [..]

C sharp coder needed to design an equity long-only sy [..]

Posted by rayyco on 07/11/2016

An equity long-only systematic momentum product. strategy: to invest in the highest momentum s&p 500 stocks. process: sourcing: rank the s&p 500 stocks bas [..]

Aeroguide - infancy project .

Posted by hernani77 on 04/11/2016

This is an idea at its infancy ! at the moment its only an idea , and i am looking for a programmer to help me develop it . here is a back ground story ..... i am not much of [..]

Gps tracking software pc to mobile device tracking

Posted by brianem21 on 02/11/2016

Hello, i need gps software created that can track mobile devices from pc monitoring. a person or vehicle can have a mobile device and a office can track the person by monit [..]

Android chat app

Posted by wakaboss on 31/10/2016

I need someone who can help me revamp my present android chat app called "wakachat". it was built with telegram api. the cons is that it has the same ui and it synchronizes fu [..]

An style website

Posted by tuchfeld on 30/10/2016

An style website. i need a website for renting houses around the world. the users (who can sign in to the website) can choose the city, dates, number of rooms, pr [..]

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