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Ios/android mobile app development

Posted by yehiaraslan85 on 30/01/2017

Looking for developing a mobile app using xamarin forms. the application scope and features would include: 1)gps tracking. 2)user registration using fb. 3)score board [..]

Jackpot system

Posted by heritagedev on 29/01/2017

The newton system (which will be referred as such throughout this document) is a slot machine monitoring system. it collects data from the slots machines through different typ [..]

Request for a web spreadsheet or hierarchical grid co [..]

Posted by alex2004 on 28/01/2017

Hi: please review requirements here: basically, crud hierarchical (tree) grid with separately editable, multiple values in a sing [..]

Text list reformatting

Posted by NickZimmermann on 26/01/2017

I need a script or application that reads out a text list for specific parameters and rearranges it into a different format for further processing. the original list is concl [..]

Ios storybook update project

Posted by KyleHerron on 24/01/2017

Hi, i created a storybook app several years ago called how animals see me. i would like to update it for the latest ios and iphone and ipad screen sizes. general infor [..]


Posted by snjonjo on 23/01/2017

1. please share the actual timelines and cost for consideration. 2. secondly please share references of mobile work done.

Stock image library

Posted by Stephen1598 on 22/01/2017

A stock image library with multi-vendor uploads sales of digital image downloads and sales of physical prints site to be developed using wordpress and wordpress plugins with [..]

Wak on lan program reads and writes to csv and query [..]

Posted by dschatz on 21/01/2017

I need a program that when run imports computer names from active directory with a hierarchy of what ou in active directory those computers are in which will change the cent [..]

App for tourists and to show the user hiking trips to [..]

Posted by MapTap on 20/01/2017

We are a little student-firm and we want to make an app for tourists were they can see hiking roads and other tourist attractions. the app has to be made for an iphone,

Posted by shivisharma on 17/01/2017

Its a website with fantasy cricket game on it and we need to develop an application for the site.

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