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New app needed

Posted by Gotgoodsman on 17/11/2016

I need someone who can create and ios app simple just needs to allow users to take pictures using the app and add details

Integration with facebook/twitter

Posted by adabtek on 16/11/2016

I am looking for a developer with extensive knowledge of facebook/twitter apis. an existing web site a, developed using mvc 5.0, is a subscription based social net [..]

New website needed

Posted by BOptimera on 16/11/2016

Hi, hello, i run a company called boptimera, boptimera work with cost savings for housing associations including by collecting existing agreements and make continuous reneg [..]

Finish ios swift/xcode app

Posted by j166429 on 14/11/2016

I need someone to finish of an ios app written on swift. the app is quite simple qr code generation app an i need to have the following elements completed. the app is 85/90% [..]

Ios mobile app

Posted by abenford on 11/11/2016

Create mobile app that will accept credit card payments for child’s transportation service. each registrant will need their own qr code and login info for tracking pick-up [..]

Marketplace app

Posted by karlyj99 on 10/11/2016

I am looking for someone who can help me design an app that will be used by farmers to purchase produce from other farmers.

Online pharmacy website

Posted by bbb on 08/11/2016

Hi i am looking for someone who can design a pharmacy online website that includes putting our pharmacy products on the website, then customers to follow one of 3 or 4 routes [..]

C sharp coder needed to design an equity long-only sy [..]

Posted by rayyco on 07/11/2016

An equity long-only systematic momentum product. strategy: to invest in the highest momentum s&p 500 stocks. process: sourcing: rank the s&p 500 stocks bas [..]

Aeroguide - infancy project .

Posted by hernani77 on 04/11/2016

This is an idea at its infancy ! at the moment its only an idea , and i am looking for a programmer to help me develop it . here is a back ground story ..... i am not much of [..]

Gps tracking software pc to mobile device tracking

Posted by brianem21 on 02/11/2016

Hello, i need gps software created that can track mobile devices from pc monitoring. a person or vehicle can have a mobile device and a office can track the person by monit [..]

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