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New website needed- interactive crowd funding

Posted by anshulforever2 on 08/06/2017

Dear all, we are looking for a crowd funding website , in a way a replica of kick starter / razoo but with much more advanced features and access to global fund raisers. [..]

Apis configuration, coding and the related automation

Posted by henryudoye on 05/06/2017

i have apis configuration, coding and the related automation that includes frontend such as appearance (html,css,javascript etc.), backend logic (ruby on rails,py [..]

Making an app

Posted by Jake.vanrooyen on 05/06/2017

G'day, i want someone to build me an app that keeps my streaks (on snapchat ) for ever. something like were i put in my username and password. and i either pick or take a phot [..]

Build backgammon betting website with game engine

Posted by omidata on 02/06/2017

I need online backgammon betting website with built-in game engine and real money gaming. all details attached please check

Membership site

Posted by Owen on 01/06/2017

Looking for a membership website that is password protected. essentially an exact replica of digital marketer lab membership website

Convert a java application to a web application

Posted by Zealot on 30/05/2017

A site i help run has a java application that our moderators use to calculate results for a game, but getting updated versions out to everyone and dealing with individual user [..]

One click email whitelist button

Posted by shayes138 on 29/05/2017

Hi, i'm looking to have a button created that i can place in emails that can be clicked on by the receiver, and automatically whitelist my email address. the button obviously [..]

Website creation

Posted by nik009 on 29/05/2017

Hi i wanted a website to be created, it will be for can refer on every page i should be able to place adds. rest of the things will be s [..]

Mobile website /app using reactjs

Posted by plexitech on 29/05/2017

Design and develop 4 page mobile website using reactjs. wire diagram is ready.

Bitcoin platform

Posted by rada1982 on 28/05/2017

Good day i want i develop a platform from 0 made in php in which it can trade bitcoin buying selling deposit retirement as it is it refer to functionalities https://www.bitsta [..]

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