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Read and write cad files

Posted by appsolvers on 08/01/2017

Windows server api: the aim of the contract is to create a web service which allows dxf and dwg files to be read and generated, working with microsoft azure as for a window [..]


Posted by billybob on 06/01/2017

Hello, i am looking for an experienced coder to code a online server for disney infinity. i would like my son and his friends to be able to play online on pc or xbox 360 w [..]

Project to control accessories on boat!

Posted by Gordon on 06/01/2017

The project should be seen as a complete automation systems on board. presentation of the system is modular, so you can easily implement what is desired for the system if nece [..]

File transferring system via java/php

Posted by nobitatabino on 06/01/2017

Objective: to create a proper file transferring system for transferring file from pc to the server platform: shared hosting looking for someone who can create a button to ch [..]

Websites clones

Posted by Radu on 05/01/2017

I want a clone for and one for the clones have to have to allow easy implementation of translations (language menu)

Webrtc videocall implementation on wordpress site.

Posted by JustPlayMusic on 04/01/2017

We are a small danish company that are in the middle of starting a live 1to1 music teaching site. we've worked for a while on the site but it still requires a lot of cleaning [..]

Website and mobile app

Posted by INMarket on 03/01/2017

Social ecommerce website and mobile app.. ui has been designed now request a coder

On shelf availabillity vision system- arlafoods

Posted by svegner on 02/01/2017

Step 1: using camerasystem (webcamera and pc). be able to identify when products are out of stock using a vision camera system and pc. create replenishment triggers to perso [..]

Cyber security software needed

Posted by AliAbou on 31/12/2016

Cyber security software needed to better secure some social media accounts.

Coding for an app

Posted by AndrewBlackwell on 30/12/2016

I am looking for; a search bar where the user enters a title of a book and the search results are playlists that pair well with the book.

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