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Storefront for tshirt design company

Posted by BillStage on 02/12/2016

I'm looking for a designer that can build a storefront for my tshirt business. i need it to be easy to add new designs without changing all the variables (size, color, st [..]

Tracker tool needed

Posted by benshaw on 02/12/2016

I have a standalone project which, depending how successfully it was done and how competent the person was, could be incorporated into my main site at a later date. we use php [..]

Video intro

Posted by chanfuterboy on 02/12/2016

A want a video intro 10-20 second around my logo, some dramatic music sound on it for use for my dvd-movies. logo is uploaded there. logo need to come and go, maybe some flair [..]

Gaming app development

Posted by Cybertech on 01/12/2016

Hello, i am looking for someone in the nyc area for gaming app development. i have no coding experience which is why i am reaching out. my game that i want developed is a buyi [..]

Digital audio processing

Posted by Xtronic on 30/11/2016

I am in need of a dsp project that will have 1 single ended analog audio input and 2 single ended analog audio outputs that are 90 degrees apart in phase (hilbert transform) o [..]

A yoast-like script for seo

Posted by susieb123 on 30/11/2016

To write a script in html and other coding as necessary to create a place/word press text box (with facility to change font e.g. bold, italic, etc) for people to copy and past [..]

Create a fast video streaming platform

Posted by amathews on 30/11/2016

I need to stream video content coming from an osprey 201e card to one client, to enable them to access the stream anywhere in the world. the stream needs to be very low lat [..]

Email app for android and iphone required that also s [..]

Posted by Krammig on 30/11/2016

The objective is to have an app similar in design for both iphone, ipad and android (phone and tablet) that is a good quality email app similar to the styles and features list [..]

Gui-based commissioning tool

Posted by Rony-PG on 30/11/2016

We want to develop a stand-alone gui-based commissioning tool application which allows preparation of commissioning data file using graphical application. the final output of [..]

Push notifications for website change

Posted by Skipjackrick on 30/11/2016

Need push notifications to my phone when the details of a specific webpage changes. the webpage is actually a database that needs to be queried and if any new entries are p [..]

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