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Content script for a bot ( rest api) to guid [..]

Posted by Michael_K on 21/03/2017

I’m looking for a developer to create a content script for a bot (something like this this is for a pro [..]

Prop hunt server

Posted by FlutterCry on 19/03/2017

A group of us are looking to start a prop hunt server for garry's mod. the job would require lua coding knowledge, as well as fretta, and experience with addons. pay is [..]

Convert excel file into web based app

Posted by bigblue on 17/03/2017

We have an excel file that we need to become web-based. no vba. just data-entry, charts, and formulas. multiple sheets. details 1) needs to be secure and accessible fo [..]

Penny stock auto trader

Posted by Williamfew09 on 17/03/2017

I'm looking for a program that i can set dates to trade if a certain stock i choose goes to like 0.01 and set it to buy a certain amount of that stock also to have a spot for [..]

Android app needed.

Posted by Lars8 on 17/03/2017

I need an android application. it should - fetch textual data from json api - fetch images from url - show the data as listed items (image, name, description) - update dat [..]

Bot need for website

Posted by 5starpr on 16/03/2017

Hello, this should be very simple for you. i am looking for someone to program a bot for me. it is for i need it to increase all stats here is an album link [..]

Kernel driver

Posted by FreeRain on 15/03/2017

Would like to hire a programmer to code a kernel driver that disables the object callback threads/process of another process. have examples of programs that do the same task [..]

Development of framework above any standard mobile fr [..]

Posted by sujithsajitha on 15/03/2017

We are interested to develop a framework using microsoft technologies development of database engine (ability for user to create their own tables, fields, define relations [..]

Life insurance needs calculator

Posted by instheheroes on 15/03/2017

I'd love to have my own life insurance needs calculator. below are a few examples. i'll give you specifics on what to include and omit. i need it to be specific to mil [..]

Computer science project.

Posted by Gregg on 14/03/2017

Am working on a project that involves some simple coding to complete it. looking a someone who can code a web app as per my requirements. mostly would prefer to be done [..]

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