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Get an already functioning vb program working and run [..]

Posted by andrewjamesbb on 20/09/2017

Hello i have a vb program called change that does work and is fully functioning when running. however i get the following error when trying to run the exe run time error [..]

C++ allegro slot machine

Posted by AndreRFK on 19/09/2017

A simple slotmachine done in c++ with the visual library allegro. the same rules as any slot machine. no need to put any money mechanic, just give the user 5 turns. it has to [..]


Posted by Shampton on 19/09/2017

I need a app.and website built. i'm looking to launch on apple etc. thanks

Small rails and javascript project

Posted by oneiro on 18/09/2017

I have a small rails project mostly finished. the rails server is a simple back end api which connects to a single javascript page. the js page needs to take in some form [..]

Aws and backup expoert

Posted by marklove23 on 17/09/2017

I currently have a cloud base software and we host our software using amazon servers. we are looking for a solution for the following: 1.we want to back up our rds database [..]

Mass tax return downloader

Posted by ormewest on 15/09/2017

I am working as a research assistant at idaho state university and need a program written that can extract 1.2 million private foundation tax returns (990-pf) from a database [..]

Database data collection

Posted by goldmich on 15/09/2017

Develop an application that will scrape a selected open directory, initially consisting of, and scrape will include all availab [..]

Customer address to closest subcontractor nationwide.

Posted by Rwidner26 on 15/09/2017

I have a list of subcontractors nationwide with addresses and contact info in excel. the list does change from week to week. when i get a potential new customer i would like [..]

Pos application

Posted by frankheilig on 15/09/2017

Looking for visual studios code and c# programmer to develop a pos system based on a discontinued system we already have in place. need info on rates and can send details whe [..]

Backend portal & google cloud updating projects

Posted by fazio22 on 14/09/2017

I have two projects. if i can find one source for both that would be fine but feel free to contact about either one independently. project #1 i need a back end portal with [..]

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