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An mvc web page with two telerik kendo ui co [..]

Posted by nadarajan on 12/02/2016

I want a simple mvc 3 project with a razor view page and a controller in c#. the page will have a kendo ui treeview on the left and kendo ui grid on the right. when th [..]

Video sharing website

Posted by bhumble on 11/02/2016

Want to do something similar to pornhub but better adaptive. i have a php of a video sharing website i found online on a forum but don't know enough about coding to do anythin [..]

Midi manipulation vst development

Posted by suleiman on 10/02/2016

Coder needed for midi vst creation. familiarity with modern vst plug-in functionality and gui is important. i need a guy for a fast and efficient job on a srs / use case model [..]

Golf app needed

Posted by crsnhnry on 10/02/2016

Need a golf stat tracking app written. simple concept. many phases to this project, the potential for continuous work exsists.

Mobile apps development projects

Posted by mubsy81 on 10/02/2016

I have a number of large scale mobile apps development projects which requires experienced and proven apps developers. the projects range from complicated location based apps, [..]

New website needed

Posted by zone508 on 09/02/2016

I am looking to create a modern website that will allow my customers to submit their request easily. this is a money transfer website like please let me know if [..]

Web designer for custom trips for a travel agency

Posted by rmorenoi on 09/02/2016

Hi, the tool will be web based, it will allow to compose a trip made of differentes parts and finally be able to export to word and pdf.

Blackjack game created in java coursework

Posted by croak3r on 08/02/2016

Hi, i'm looking for someone to create the card game blackjack in java for my coursework. i believe it wouldnt take long to complete and needs no interface other than command l [..]

Pokemon ghoul rpg

Posted by voxhack92 on 07/02/2016

Layout/basic website structer login/logout database moves/ like attacking items maps/ be able to encounter pokemon on these maps battle system shops/ buy pokemon sell [..]

Self learnig / multible choice learning program neede [..]

Posted by lovelife on 06/02/2016

Hi, i'm looking for someone who can create a self learnig / multible choice learning program which basically looks and works like the program you find here: http://www.kreawi [..]

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