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Wepon skins [ counterstrike source - source mod plugi [..]

Posted by NYKILLER1987 on 07/12/2016

We have already built the base of this plug-in as you'll see in this video: however we are having an interesting bug that w [..]

Please fix my html/css code

Posted by rajsingh3491 on 07/12/2016

The code renders good in browsers, ios applications, and gmail. but in outlook, the code renders horribly. i've attached the code, please take a look at it and have the email [..]

Ios mobile app development

Posted by adabtek on 06/12/2016

We are in need of an experienced mobile app developer who can design and develop a mobile native ios app. the app is data manipulation intensive. the data includes simple text [..]

Uniform system - excel

Posted by Hali on 06/12/2016

Hello, i have a school project that i need to complete. i'm looking to create a uniform inventry system in excel. i want this in excel as it's a basic project. i need a she [..]

Device monitoring

Posted by ravitc on 06/12/2016

1.we need to detect device or pc which is on customer sites that the computer is alive and the resource like memory, hdd and other spec are still the same. so agents needs to [..]

Children's app

Posted by Simlor85 on 05/12/2016

Hello. first post so not sure of this is something that is offered on this site. i want toto create an app for imac computer for my child to learn the keyboard. it's a [..]

Star schema data mart design

Posted by munchonspam on 05/12/2016

I have a relational database with nine entities (tables) for which i'd like to have a star schema created (preferably in sqlplus). should not really take more than an hour. de [..]

Need fill a database with fb data - after user login [..]

Posted by dansanso on 05/12/2016

I need a solution that will retreive information from facebook after uses provides permission. my need: make a database of a users, storing and updating ( every x hours [..]

Typo 3 projekt

Posted by blueboxer on 05/12/2016

Wir suchen einen typo3 spezialisten, der eine bestehende seite komplett neu in der version 7.0 lts aufbauen kann (aktuelle version 4.5). es handelt sich um eine umfangreiche [..]

Cleaning company

Posted by gagangk on 05/12/2016

Hi, i am looking for someone who can make cleaning website for me. actually i started making website by myself but after putting lots of bucks, it is still in pipeline. due [..]

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