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Adidas account creator

Posted by miztar on 20/10/2017

Hello, im not sure how hard this would be but i am looking for someone who would be able to make a script or bot that is able to generate verified adidas accounts. i'm not su [..]

Ebay api project

Posted by tfurber on 20/10/2017

I need two functions function 1 - a simple function to "cancel" a live listing associated with the account. i want to simply pass the ebay ecommerceid to the function, and [..]

Amazon mws order line item retrieval

Posted by tfurber on 20/10/2017

You will have to use the amazon mws php framework you will need to you use your credentials for api access to amazon mws. the utility must run from the command line, wit [..]

Need a code to create this bar graph in rstudio

Posted by crimsonrose on 20/10/2017

I need a code to create this exact same bar graph in rstudio. please let me know if you need any more details.

Robot to help get rare items needed.

Posted by miztar on 19/10/2017

Hello, i am looking for a bot coded in c# (that's what i hear is fastest) that can help me get rare items on websites when they drop. the websites i need the bot to support is [..]

Convert old flash site to wordpress ecommerce site

Posted by kentgorsuch on 19/10/2017

Hi, i had a flash site built several years ago,, and need to convert it to a wordpress ecommerce site that is mobile and seo friendly. backend database is [..]

C and arduino programmer

Posted by umusmu on 19/10/2017

1- i need a function in c that takes base, exponent, and modulus .i.e. modular_pow(base, exponent, modulus). 2- the function must perform square and multiply algorithm the r [..]

Motivational player

Posted by dsprous on 17/10/2017

The app would play an audio track with a motivational theme while the app was activated. each track would play at a set interval, i.e. every 3 mins, say during your daily work [..]

Sap punchout and pci compliance resource needed

Posted by sonaross on 17/10/2017

Hello, we are a us-based company looking for an sap savvy person who can ensure that the configuration of our system is pci compliant and can setup a punch-out from an externa [..]

Data transfer via sound

Posted by akliluzmesfun on 17/10/2017

I am looking for a javascript application that would transfer data between to device by just using the speaker and microphone. current approach is by convert any data to ba [..]

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