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Fpga bitcoin miner vhdl - xilinx

Posted by crusher72 on 20/08/2017

Fpga bitcoin miner vhdl - xilinx for this project: vhdl coded for a small xilinx usb chip with the sha-256 bitcoin protocol. must work with new getblocktemplate and m [..]

Tor shop

Posted by qnix on 20/08/2017

I need a simple marketplace of my own where i can post listings and sell my product with bitcoin as payment. it should be on a .onion domain and only accessible through the to [..]

Custom sublime text syntax highlighting project

Posted by Trex on 19/08/2017

Need a notepad++ syntax highlighting definition converted to a sublime text 3 syntax highlighting definition specifics of the task are very simple for somebody that knows h [..]

Force autoredirecting sites based on ip to english.

Posted by asterionlord on 18/08/2017

I want to have sites like google, microsoft and such display in english regardless of my ip, without the use of a vpn or proxy. i use the firefox browser, so it should be at [..]

Budgeting app

Posted by wdicristofaro on 17/08/2017

I want to create a budgeting app that i can use to teach young people to save. this application is a simple app allowing the user to create envelopes for different goals. it [..]


Posted by nawazbutt on 17/08/2017

This is the logo design and i am a fashion designer i also make fashion drawings , paisley and motifs

New website with prestashop (+theme)

Posted by Akira_Tzc on 16/08/2017

We are looking for development of a new website with prestashop (+theme) only templates and base not all the products. we also need someone available to help with making small [..]

Bartering service

Posted by kimschindler on 14/08/2017

Need a php database driven website with the following tools: calendar by year, month, day, and hourly block of time used to post availability,and to schedule services based [..]

C++ application developer

Posted by mk7169 on 14/08/2017

Looking for an expert-level c++ application developer. - ubuntu - nginx - c++ - go - oracle developer will be required to help build a custom app which will run on a [..]

New android camera apk

Posted by G on 13/08/2017

Overlay based on phone angle take pictures edit multiple photos down to pixel level nice simple ui should be relatively simple project, high demand if done properly.. le [..]

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