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Mobile app meditation music player

Posted by MacGaiaverLLC on 23/10/2014

Hi, this new app i'd like you to develop, let's call it 'the silent sleep wave app, is designed for meditation/sleep aid. it can play relaxing sound effects (rain, bi [..]

Phone plan selection

Posted by jeremytyree on 23/10/2014

Hi there. i have a wordpress website and want to develop a simple software portal that allows you to enter raw data (number of calls, ave length of call and call rates) and [..]

Speed dating website

Posted by santocomet on 23/10/2014

I need to create a website that will allow people to buy tickets for a speed dating service. the customers do need to create online profiles. i just need to be able to post [..]

Lms needed for tutoring company

Posted by Consonantia on 22/10/2014

Need someone to develop, or modify existing open-source software, to provide an lms for an online tutoring company targeting esl students. models are here: [..]

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Multilingual network website

Posted by EdwardCoyle on 21/10/2014

I would like to create a social network website in three languages. the social network website need to contains the following features : user registration user administra [..]

Hotel management

Posted by aslan12 on 19/10/2014

Everything attach on document.


Posted by moshedervish on 19/10/2014

Mycloud is mobile application for iphone and android. it actually merge all cloud services today such as dropbox, google drive, box, one driver and etc...(all those who have [..]

Google analytics to track individual visitors from th [..]

Posted by aronowt on 19/10/2014

I need someone to setup ga to track multiple visitors from the same ip. please have a look at and tell me if you can make it work with a site build on their sys [..]

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