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Web crawling and data scrapping

Posted by Oautemitayo on 30/05/2016

Write a software that would automatically crawl the following websites nairabet. com the software wil [..]

Speech to text conversion software

Posted by joel21 on 29/05/2016

Hi. i would like to know if any coder is able to convert audio files to text files. the coder needs to right a code inorder to collect file from the server (ie mp3 files) conv [..]

Google map features

Posted by Texan78 on 28/05/2016

I am looking for an experienced coder who is very fluent with google maps api. the project i have should be rather quick and simple for someone with great experience with goog [..]

Java .js imacro help

Posted by randy44ld on 28/05/2016

Need help finishing a product. you need to be knowledgeable in .js and imacro to be able to complete the project. basically i have done the coding, however i cannot get it [..]

Tinymce implementation by jquery

Posted by joblovely on 27/05/2016

Hi, i am in an effort to make changes of an existing pure javascript tinymce implementation into its jquery implementation. to start with i need to create a small projec [..]

Algorithm engineer needed for medical images segmenta [..]

Posted by Arigin on 26/05/2016

We are doing soft tissue images segmentation, we need an algorithm engineer ( part-time or full-time job ), or technical partner. the requirements of the algorithm are as be [..]

Udp string parse/relay

Posted by coll9803 on 24/05/2016

I'm looking for an application to capture a large number of udp strings from a specified server port, send a confirmation message and then re-transmit captured data via json h [..]

Access spreadsheet content via database

Posted by rentaleberwurst on 24/05/2016

Hi! i’d like to realize a software to provide spreadsheet content to a user via an internet database. spreadsheet content should be stored as string (not as files) to searc [..]

Job board site, android & ios apps

Posted by RJaloidi on 24/05/2016

Looking for a full stack developer who can develop site with mobile apps with the following important details & requirements: your proposal must address the following in de [..]


Posted by ssamy on 24/05/2016

A simple mobile app to allow the user to identify the location need the valet by entering address or to select from the map this need to be developed on both ios and android. [..]

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