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Robot to help get rare items needed.

Posted by miztar on 19/10/2017

Hello, i am looking for a bot coded in c# (that's what i hear is fastest) that can help me get rare items on websites when they drop. the websites i need the bot to support is [..]

Convert old flash site to wordpress ecommerce site

Posted by kentgorsuch on 19/10/2017

Hi, i had a flash site built several years ago,, and need to convert it to a wordpress ecommerce site that is mobile and seo friendly. backend database is [..]

C and arduino programmer

Posted by umusmu on 19/10/2017

1- i need a function in c that takes base, exponent, and modulus .i.e. modular_pow(base, exponent, modulus). 2- the function must perform square and multiply algorithm the r [..]

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